A study of the tuat

Klasse Wien [before URL -- French translation in: Taweret is featured in some versions of a popular and widespread myth in which the Eye of Ra becomes angry with her father and retreats to Nubia in the form of a lioness.

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Some scholars feel that her role in the Nile inundation is one of the reasons she was given the epithet "Mistress of Pure Water". Journal des Aegypten Forum Berlin e. As is aforementioned, ivory wands and knives showing long processions of deities became widely used in this period.

Images of protective deities like Taweret and Bes were placed on the outer walls of Ptolemaic temples in order to keep evil forces at bay.

These features directly parallel those of other ferocious protective ancient Egyptian deitiesmost notably the crocodile god Sobek and the lioness goddess Sekhmet.

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Although flawlessness and completion may be our goals, we are very aware we did not reach those goals yet. Bullletin des sciences antiques du monde mditerranen [ online journal ] Ann.

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These objects have been shown on tomb paintings in the hands of nurses and wear patterns on the tips indicate that these nurses likely used them to draw protective patterns in the sand.

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In Ancient Egyptian religion, Taweret (also spelled Taurt, Tuat, Taouris, Tuart, Ta-weret, Tawaret, Twert, Thoeris and Taueret, and in Greek, Θουέρις – Thouéris and Toeris) is the protective ancient Egyptian goddess of childbirth and fertility.

The name "Taweret" (Tȝ-wrt) means "she who is great" or simply "great one", a common pacificatory address to dangerous deities.

A study of the tuat
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