Housekeeping and the guest cycle

It is either exceeds the previous forecast or under achieved. This is exactly what your guest is paying for! Farewell A warm farewell is important to be given to the guest. This is the time when the front office will greet the guest and will begin the registration process.

However if turnover is Housekeeping and the guest cycle concern, the said factors should not be the main focus.

Guest Paging This is generally used to locate a guest in a specific area of the hotel when the guest is not in their room. These proactive and affirmative actions by the human resource manager are of course considerably important as they will ultimately lead to lower staff turnover and the successful retention of valuable employees Martin, If the balance is in debit then the guest is required to pay the desired amount and if the balance is in credit the amount of money is returned back to the guest.

As a departmental head, communication and motivation are key points to ensure the department is kept happy. Arrival The arrival stage of the guest cycle includes registration and room assignment process. As a departmental head, communication and motivation are key points to ensure the department is kept happy.

Handling guest accounts FOLIOS Creation and maintenance of guest accounts by front office cashier and a daily audit of the accounts by the night auditor.

When the guest checks-in to the room the occupancy stage of the guest cycle begins. Among those providing information and supplies to the guests. Occupancy The manner in which the front office staff represents the hotel is important during the occupancy stage.

Concierge Services Resort hotels, destination hotels or those in major cities or recreation areas often have concierge services such as making restaurant reservations, suggesting activities for families, booking tours and providing information about the area.

The key topics which would be discussed are the impact on the guest cycle and what measures are to be taken on the issues to be addressed. A variety of charges restaurant charges, telephone, internet, travel desk etc. The front office needs to take great care to present all unpaid bills carefully and carry out the entire procedure carefully.

This practice could help the Blue Ribbon Hotel with their shortage of staff issue.

The Guest Cycle in the hotel with Four Stages and Diagram

The guests are presented with a registration card and are requested to verify the information by signing on the registration card also known as the Reg card or GRC. This is a very critical stage as the guest will form an opinion about their future stay and about the standards of services provided in the hotel.

And also in most cases, the Room charges are the single largest charge on the guest folio. If he mail is for a guest who is in their room then the Bell Boy delivers the mail to the guest.

This bill or the guest folio is presented to the guest at the time of departure. The details are generated from the information derived at the prearrival stage. After the guest arrives, he or she establishes a business relationship with the hotel through the front office.

An internal or external guest may have needs or special requests which can sometime involve up to three departments to attend to. Room Supervisors has to make up rooms if the room forecast is inaccurate with the actual occupancy.

How these requests are handled and problems are resolved sets the tone for the rest of the stay and any future interactions with the front desk. Early check-in or late checkout requests often affect housekeeping and room turnover.Everyone's talking about it but what is the guest life cycle?

Everyone's talking about it but what is the guest life cycle? but what exactly is the guest life cycle?

Front Office Operations & Its Relation With the Guest Cycle

Read on to find out. You can think of the guest life cycle as the four stages a guest goes through when lodging at a property – before they arrive in the hotel, when they.

Essay on Housekeeping and the Guest Cycle Words | 6 Pages. impression the guest would experience would be from the moment they enter the hotel. Feb 06,  · In each phase of cycle there are certain standard transactions which occur between the guest and the hotel.

PRE -ARRIVAL The interaction at the time of making a reservation before the guest actually arrives at the hotel is termed as the pre- arrival stage. Housekeeping and the Guest Cycle Essay Managing the Guest Cycle The guest cycle describes the activities that each guest passes by from the moment he/she calls to communicate a reservation inquiry until he/she departs from the hotel.

The hotel guest stay cycle. Feb 06,  · Guest Cycle The main function of the front office department is to support and facilitate guest transaction and services.

therefore the operation of the front office department is largely determine by the type and number and guest transaction which take place during the different stages of guest's stay.

Housekeeping and the Guest Cycle Essay.

Housekeeping and the Guest Cycle Essay

We are mainly dissecting the issues posed in Rooms Division; which are specifically the Housekeeping and Front Office departments - Housekeeping and the Guest Cycle Essay introduction. As these two departments are one of the key functions in any hotel, because the first contact or impression the guest .

Housekeeping and the guest cycle
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