Sumerian records

For the next step toward the development of an alphabet, we must go to Egypt where picture writing had developed sometime near the end of the 4th millennium BC. A few different renegades from Pleides, Alpha and Beta Centauri came to different places on Earth after the Flood, seeing it as an opportune time to establish their own desired ideologies and also be seen as "godlike" and thus reverenced.

It has led Sirius to assist in spreading the energy of its galactic society to a multitude of solar systems throughout this galaxy. The Atlanteans began to acquire a feeling of uniqueness about their culture and wanted to eliminate Lemuria so that they could become the mother country.

The Pre-cataceans divided into two groups. The remainder of the temple complex is designed to support and accommodate the rituals practiced within. The significant degree of uncertainty and confusion which still exists within this field of research Sumerian records due to the fact that the Finno-Ugrian theory is essentially based on linguistic speculation which is not supported by any conclusive archeological, anthropological and historical evidence By about BC these picture-signs were being refined into an alphabet.

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The gods then beheaded Tiamat's husband and created mankind from his blood, mixed with clay. Moreover, the planning of the vast public works under their control led the priests to develop a useful mathematical notation, including both a decimal notation and a system based upon 60, which has given us our sixty-second minute, our sixty-minute hour and our division of the circle into degrees.

It now seems that this Turanian ethno-linguistic group to which the Hungarians belong was a distinct group from which the Uralic and Altaic ethno-linguistic groups later evolved through a process of ethno-linguistic diffusion and hybridization.

Thus the advent of civilization in Sumer is associated with the beginning of the Bronze Age in the West, which in time spread to Egypt, Europe, and Asia.

It was laid out on several clay tablets and is claimed to be the earliest example of a fictional, written piece of literature discovered so far.

This explanation of the existing ethno-linguistic affinities between the Hungarians and the Uralic and Altaic groups would be more in line with the latest findings on this subject.

These early cities, which existed by BC, were called temple towns because they were built around the temple of the local god. Its floor tiles are inscribed with the text of the Great Book of Understanding, in which the Creator bestowed upon humanity the blueprint for physicality and the wisdom to fulfill its potential.

The empire, though short-lived, fostered art and literature. There was no coined money. The "lu" or free person, and the slave male, arad; female geme. Juris Zarins believes the Sumerians may have been the people living in the Persian Gulf region before it flooded at the end of the last Ice Age.

In column I, the signs are simple pictographs and they are drawn with curved lines. The mother of Chaos was Tiamat, an immense dragon. BCthe Huns 5th c. This would mean that some Hungarian vocabulary could have evolved from an early form of Sumerian.

The reaction from official academic circles in Communist Hungary was that of categorical dismissal and discrediting of the Hungarian expatriate researchers, claiming that they were not competent in the field of Sumerology and that they were ideologically motivated.

Williams and Norgate,p. The independent Amorite states of the 20th to 18th centuries are summarized as the " Dynasty of Isin " in the Sumerian king list, ending with the rise of Babylonia under Hammurabi c.

This led to the establishment of a bureaucracy and an army. Another searcher for eternal life was Adapa, a fisherman who gained wisdom from Ea, the god of water.

Normally a huge platform or terrace was first constructed, upon which the temple could be built; but in later times, as the terraces grew to be like artificial mountains, they were built in huge steps or levels mounted by an elaborate stairway clearly symbolizing the ascent toward heaven.

The ship landed at midnight between July ninth and tenth in a remote mountain province in what is now Yugoslavia.

Sumerian Records

The breakdown of the Firmament also resulted in the polar icecaps freezing and also the many climatic variations we have today to form. The King List, recording the names of the rulers of Mesopotamia. Be firm in your commitment. Sumerians were a practical people.

Autocracy was thus born and was in full control enforcing a period of peace and stability. It is an agglutinative language ; in other words, morphemes "units of meaning" are added together to create words, unlike analytic languages where morphemes are purely added together to create sentences.

Sumerian Records discography

They searched the galaxy for 2 to 3 million years before finding what they were looking for. I suggest the paperback book: It is not without reason that the European Middle Ages are referred to as the dark ages.A history of Ancient Sumer (Sumeria)including its Cities, Kings, Mythologies, Sciences, Religions, Writings, Culture, Cuneiform and Contributions.

Evaluate business information for Sumerian Records in Lacey, WA. Use the D&B Business Directory at to find more company profiles. INTRODUCTION. This study provides an overview of the principal theories about the origins and early history of the Hungarians, with the objective of determining a scientifically acceptable alternative orientation in a field which has been dominated for the past.

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Sumerian Records

A history of Ancient Sumer (Sumeria)including its Cities, Kings, Mythologies, Sciences, Religions, Writings, Culture, Cuneiform and Contributions. Ancient Sumer Related Information - Adapa and the South Wind - Adapa's Treatise on Sumerian Religion - by Adapa of the The Twin Rivers Rising - Atra-Hasis Epic - Descent of Ishtar to The Nether World - Enki and Ninhursag - Enki and The World Order - Enki Builds the E-engurra at Eridu.

Sumerian records
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