Target market segmentation of durex

The card also bears an interesting annotation verso. But with the increase of sales, market has been segmented into Subsidised segment and Commercial segment. Aside from lacking one leather strap it is in superb condition. Other than the Quality and Design of Durex products, there were an obvious tactical gap for the rest of the framework.

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C. Marketing B.

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This is because we had already decided to concentrate on the better educated portion of the population based on analysis of the secondary data obtained previously. Having a distinctive almond shaped skull with characteristic stalk-like projection resembling a pear and giving these helmets their name cabacette.DUREX Project - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

Scribd es red social de lectura y publicación más importante del mundo. Buscar Buscar. Audiences While they are a global market leader, Durex’s share remains small compared to Trojanin the U.S. market. This analysis will consider only the state and future of the U.S. market. The largest group of condom users is in the age range, with those in the range representing 35% of all condom users3.

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63 Best Digital Marketing Tools You Should Know About in Durex, Smirnoff, Scholl, Rexona, VW and many many more. Maybe one of the best SEO and SEM tools on the market. Segmentation: We all know the market segmentation is a very important point in promotion, since it help the company to decide and conduct the best promotion strategy.

As for Durex condom, it has a very clear segmentation that its main consumer group in is gathered at east of China, first tier and second tier city, aged from 18 to Jan 24,  · A few market players in this segment include Reckitt Benckiser (Durex), Church & Dwight (Trojan), and Ansell (Lifestyles).

Companies are working toward marketing of newly flavored condoms such as. Durex consumers are generally lower income, Asian, and adolescent age. Durex consumers are more likely to purchase Durex during larger pantry stocking trips. Brands such as Listerine, Oral-B, and Orbit also tend to be purchased in the same trip.

Sample consumer insights data below.

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Target market segmentation of durex
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